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About RH2O Engineering

RH2O Engineering, Inc. is a privately owned water treatment company that manufacturers water treatment chemicals and provides expertise in their application. We are chemists and chemical engineers with years of experience in the field of water treatment.

Our top experts are at your facility, not in a far away office, and the average field experience of our engineers is greater than four times that of our competitors.

We are innovative problem solvers that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide you the highest level of field service possible.

Founded in 1995 in Scottsdale, Arizona, RH2O Engineering has grown to provide services across the United States and internationally in the Middle East and Asia.

Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson Founder, Owner, General Manager

“At RH2O Engineering, job one is to look out for our customers’ best interests while providing unparalleled chemicals, expertise, and service.”

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